Our Team

Jessi Blakely

Candidate for Chairman

Jessi Blakely, Candidate for YRNF Chairman

I’ve worn many hats since joining the Young Republicans, everything from local officer to state chair, to the person on the other end of the 2 AM phone call when you need help. YRs gave me the opportunity to travel across my Commonwealth and our Country to support Republican candidates, train activists of all ages, recruit candidates to run for office, and advance our conservative principles to new communities. Through this organization, I wake up everyday seeing the tangible effects of YRs working to save our nation. This organization is where I found my dearest friends, happiest memories, and even my husband! I deeply love YRNF and want to see its legacy preserved and its opportunities carried on to every young conservative in our nation who wants to change the world.

I’m an American by the grace of God and a Virginian by choice. When I left home at 17 all I knew was that I wanted to make an impact in government and advance the conservative message. I’m not from a political family and had no idea where to start. I worked my way through a BA & MBA and scraped together the money to get myself to as many political meetings and events as possible in order to teach myself the political process up close. I worked my way from night shifts at Waffle House to political nonprofits to a Fortune 200 company. I’ve never stopped doing everything I can to promote our principles. It wasn’t until I found the Young Republicans that I knew I was in the right spot. After years struggling to get a foot in the door, it’s my turn to hold the door open wide for any young republican with a passion for our principles.

Last year, I helped build a coalition to recruit more than 20 candidates in Virginia’s toughest districts. I campaigned for Young Republicans seeking election for both public and party office, resulting in over 30% of Virginia’s Central Committee seats held by YRs and a growing caucus in state government. I’ve volunteered on campaigns from the local to the Presidential level, built training and fundraising programs for my Federation, and helped prove Virginia is not a lost cause for Republicans. During my time in the YRs, I’ve served as a club Vice Chair, local club Chairman, National Committeewoman, State Chairman, and in 2020 was chosen as a Trump Delegate to represent my district– the youngest in Virginia!

While working alongside Young Republicans across the country, I’ve heard the desire for a state-focused YRNF, listening to your needs, helping you respond to the unique challenges your Federations face, and building resources and opportunities that can be shared with every Young Republican across our nation. When a group of State Chairs asked me to run for YRNF Chairman, I listened and started building a team.

YRNF Ascend isn’t about me, it’s about every one of you and it’s about every bright eyed young conservative who has a vision for a better America and wants to get to work. Join our coalition, and we’ll take YRNF to the next level, together.

Lenny Chacon

Candidate for Co-Chairman

Lenny Chacon, Candidate for YRNF Co-Chair

Lenny grew up with a love for Washington state and a love for nature’s bountiful blessings. To him, being raised in the Pacific Northwest was like being raised in a Garden of Eden. Whether it’s salmon fishing, driving an ATV up a mountainside, or catching crabs off a pier, these experiences make him love the state he calls home.

This love for home drove Lenny to further the growth and mission of the Washington State Young Republicans. He concentrated on building and refining the WSYR infrastructure, developing the organization into an effective institution that will survive for posterity. The results of this work include tripling membership and growing our chapters from two to ten in less than two years. He has established committees that run the day-to-day operations of the WSYR.

Through engagement, communication, and empowering the WSYRs to take on leadership positions, Lenny successfully built an organization that the local and state party, as well as Washington’s Republican elected officials, respect and rely on for their work.

As YRNF Co-Chairman, Lenny looks forward to reinvigorating our national presence, providing guidance for growth, and developing emerging YR leaders by using YRNF’s standing committees to get more members involved at the national level.

Jesus Solorio

Candidate for Executive Vice Chair

Jesus Solorio, Candidate for YRNF Vice Chair

Jesus E. Solorio, Jr. is a distinguished leader in the political arena, currently serving as the Executive Director and Chief Operating Officer for the Republican Party of Rhode Island. With a solid commitment to conservative principles and a passion for public service, Jesus has significantly contributed to political campaigns, coalition-building, and community engagement.

Born in El Paso, Texas, and raised in Chicago’s Southside, Jesus is the proud son of Mexican immigrants. His upbringing taught him the importance of hard work, perseverance, and the value of education. Jesus graduated from Chicago Public Schools and earned an Associate’s Degree in Business Administration from Maccormac College.

Early on, Jesus recognized the challenges faced by independent businesses in today’s economy. His firsthand experience working at a local restaurant during high school solidified his understanding of the importance of a hard-earned dollar. These formative experiences have shaped Jesus’ perspective on economic issues and motivated him to support policies that promote entrepreneurship and create opportunities for small businesses to thrive.

Politically, Jesus has played a vital role in guiding outreach and coalition-building efforts for prominent figures, including U.S. Senator Mark Kirk, Governor Bruce Rauner, and the Illinois Republican Party. He led initiatives to increase Republican participation in Chicago and Cook County, recognizing the importance of broadening the party’s reach.

Jesus has held key leadership positions within the Republican Party, serving as Vice-Chairman of the Chicago Republican Party, Chairman of the Republican National Hispanic Assembly of Illinois, Chairman of the Chicago Young Republicans, and National Committeeman of the Federation of Illinois Young Republicans.

He currently lives in Providence, Rhode Island, he continues his dedicated service as Secretary of the Rhode Island Young Republicans, demonstrating his commitment to empowering and engaging young conservatives. Through his leadership and dedication, he strives to strengthen the Republican Party, advocate for meaningful policy reforms, and inspire the next generation of leaders.

Robert Pope

Candidate for Secretary

Robert Pope, Candidate for YRNF Secretary

A native of Charlotte, Son of a Police Officer, part time laborer, and former post office worker, Robert Logan Pope attended public school and later homeschooled. He received his GED from Central Piedmont Community College. He later went on to receive his A.A. from CPCC, he then transferred to UNC Charlotte where he obtained B.A. in Political Science in 2014. He served as the volunteer director on the Mark Harris campaign in 2016. Robert has served several terms on the NCGOP Executive Committee and served as the NCFYR Policy Director (2011) and Auditor from 2019 to 2020.

Robert attended Appalachian State University for a Master’s degree in Political Science where he received the Chelsea Bell & Robert W. Garrett Scholarship to study in Europe. He completed his Masters degree in Political Science in December of 2020 and his work on Irish reunification has been published by The Queen Mary University of London’s NEXTEUK program in September of 2022.

During his time at Appalachian State he began the High Country Young Republicans in 2019. Robert previously served as Vice Chairman of the Gaston County GOP and YR Chairman of Gaston County Young Republicans. He currently works as a campaign consultant while studying for his Ph.D. in public policy at Liberty University.

Samuel Douglass

Candidate for assistant Secretary

Samuel Douglass, Candidate for YRNF Assistant Secretary

Samuel Douglass was born, raised, and still lives in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont. He works in mental health as a Crisis Intervention Specialist and Suicide Councelor. He and his fiance, Brianna, also run a large family farm and farmstand. Sam is very active in his local community, where he prioritizes volunteerism and charity. Along with his role as Vermont YR Chairman, he currently serves as Republican Town Committee Chair, Orleans County Republican Committee Chair, and Youth Chair on the VTGOP Executive Committee.

Sam founded the Young Republicans of Vermont in the spring of 2021 and was unanimously reelected State Chair in 2022. Under his leadership, membership statewide has risen dramatically and the VTYRs enjoy complete integration with the state Republican Party.

As a strict constitutionalist, classical liberal, and “Coolidge-Republican,” he believes strongly in fiscal responsibility, civil service, moral virtue, integrity, and civility. He is passionate about agriculture, defending the 2nd Amendment, common-sense environmental advocacy, education policy, and limiting the reach of government.

Sam is a fierce advocate for newly chartered YR federations as well as republicans in small states and in blue states– constituencies often overlooked in national republican politics. His relentless optimism and hard work remind us all that good government is worth fighting for in every state. Sam does credit to the generations of Vermonters who have given their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor to the cause of American liberty since Ethan Allen’s Green Mountain Boys.

Nick Morgan

Candidate for auditor

Nick Morgan, Candidate for YRNF Auditor

Nick Morgan began in Young Republicans as many of you did, by making friends and knocking on doors looking to persuade friends and neighbors to support conservative values and candidates. When there was an opening, he became Vice Chair and then Chair of the Minnesota Young Republicans during the 2018 election cycle. During his time as Chair, he re-built the organization from the ground up, increasing the number of voter contacts by the organization, even though it was a non-presidential election year, and doubling the number of money raised by the organization to support outreach.

After that cycle, Nick became the Midwest Regional Vice Chair for the YRNF, where his proudest achievement was being part of the team that registered every state chapter in the Midwest region.

“One of the most important aspects of any organization is the basics. This is not a revolutionary or complex concept, but it is one that is difficult to consistently execute and to do it in a transparent manner. As Auditor for the YRNF I pledge to ensure the National receipts and expenditures will be accessible and understandable for National Committee members and there will be no confusion as to where our funds are being spent. I will be an accessible and fair arbiter into how YRNF resources are utilized according to our rules.” – Nick

Bill Dumais

cANDIDATE FOR Assistant Treasurer

Bill Dumais, Candidate for YRNF Assistant Treasurer

Bill Dumais has served as the National Committeeman for the DC Young Republicans, and has been a member of the organization since 2019. He has attended many deployments in Virginia and throughout the Mid-Atlantic region, and has previously served as Vice-Chair of Communications and Executive Vice Chair.

During the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdown, Bill sought ways to keep Young Republicans engaged and politically active despite not being able to meet on an in-person basis. Bill launched the club’s first-ever podcast, the District Download, where he hosted and produced episodes featuring fellow young republicans from across the country, along with elected leaders and policy experts. Bill also helped support Marya Pickering’s campaign for DC Council At-Large in 2020.

At his day job, Bill is a member of the three-person legislative outreach team at one of the nation’s leading non-partisan state policy think tanks. Bill engages with state legislators from across a twenty-state portfolio, offering both membership and public policy support, and works to bring people together and strengthen relationships with other constituencies through proactive engagement efforts.

Bill originally grew up in southeastern Connecticut, and has lived and worked in the Mid-Atlantic region since earning his Bachelor of Arts from Providence College in 2017, where he majored in Political Science & English. Bill is a seafood enthusiast, an avid football & college basketball fan, and enjoys biking and walking throughout Rock Creek Park.

Bill’s experience dealing with policymakers across our nation will ensure that YRNF is able to build strong, lasting, and productive relationships. As Assistant Treasurer, Bill will continue to pioneer creative solutions to engage new partners and support YRNF’s mission to activate young voters.

Peter Giunta

Candidate for NorthEast Vice Chair

Peter Giunta, Candidate for Northeast Vice Chair

Peter Giunta is Chairman of the New York State Young Republicans, a position he was unanimously elected to at the Federation’s 2021 Biennial Convention in Montgomery, NY.

Under Giunta’s leadership, the Federation has grown in size significantly and currently represents some 2,000 members spanning more than 50 community and campus-based chapters. Initiatives launched by his administration have benefitted member clubs, whether through the myriad of services offered to chapters, such as graphic design, or through opportunities for networking and professional development, such as leadership training.

Over the past year, Chairman Giunta has overseen a revitalized fundraising initiative for the NYSYR, generating a revenue of approximately $100k in fiscal year 22-23, which is almost four times as much as the revenue of the previous four fiscal years combined.

Giunta has worked closely with party officials and elected officials to recruit and elect the next generation of Republican leaders. This year, there are more than 35 Young Republicans on the ballot for local, state, and federal office in New York — a more than 60% increase when compared to the number of Young Republicans who were on the ballot in 2020.

In the past year, Chairman Giunta has led a successful revitalization of an organization that was once stagnant and lacking direction, into a Federation that is incredibly capable and highly respected.  He has rallied young leaders from across the state and empowered them with the tools they need to not just be part of the political process, but to actually own it.

Giunta has been recognized twice by the Young Republican National Federation for his efforts to develop social media content that advances the Federation’s mission to recruit, train, and elect the next generation of Republican leaders, as well as promote the platform of the Republican Party. 

Giunta serves as Chief of Staff to a member of the New York State Assembly and also operates a boutique political firm in New York City.  He’s worked for numerous candidates, including 2018 Republican Candidate for New York State Governor Marc Molinaro, and 2021 Republican Candidate for New York City Mayor Curtis Sliwa. In 2019, he was recognized by City & State magazine as a 40 Under 40 Rising Star.

Abby Oliver

Candidate for Midwest Vice Chair

Abby Oliver, Candidate for Midwest Vice Chair

Abby Oliver started her YRNF journey in 2018, serving as the National Committeewoman for Michigan, and soon becoming the Chair of the Michigan YRs. During her time as chair, she re-built the organization from the ground up. Her proudest moment as chair was winning the award “Best 2020 Deployment” where volunteers made over 42,000 voter contacts.

Abby currently serves as the Midwest Regional Vice Chair for the YRNF. She is blessed to serve alongside confident leaders, who’ve worked hard to revitalize this region’s position within the YRNF and looks forward to growing the region even more in her second term. Her experience has given her great insight into how regional leadership can support states, provide resources for continued growth, and foster relationships with YR leaders around the country.

Luke Mosiman

Candidate for Western Vice Chair

Luke Mosiman, Candidate for Western Regional Vice Chair

With family roots deep in the southwest, Luke Mosiman is proud to call Arizona his home. In 2020, Luke rechartered the Maricopa County Young Republicans, and under his leadership, the organization experienced remarkable growth, with the establishment of four chartered daughter clubs. Thanks to Luke’s tireless efforts, the Arizona YRs were honored with the Chapter of the Year award.

Luke’s commitment to the Republican movement led to his election as National Committeeman of the Arizona YRs. As a grassroots warrior, he has made it his mission to strengthen the GOP, encouraging YRs to become PCs, support of YR candidates, and engaging in boots-on-the-ground efforts. Luke has worked in various political campaigns, most recently Kari Lake and Kelly Cooper (AZ-4)

Luke’s goals are to establish tools and resources for local YR clubs to enable them to grow and be successful, while establishing transparency at a national level.